Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Doctor chosen as face of the NHS defects to Tories | News

Doctor chosen as face of the NHS defects to Tories | News

This is absolutely fantastic news for Tower Hamlets conservatives - and shows just how Labour's policies have failed. Under David Cameron doctors and nurses will have less red tape and will be allowed to get on doing their jobs. I know many health professionals who will be delighted when the endless initiatives finally stop!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Conservative Protection for Children

I was particularly pleased to see David Cameron's announcement today on Conservative plans to help families protect children from premature sexualisation and excessive commercialisation.

The measures are designed to crack down on irresponsible marketing practices and products targeted at children.

"I want to make Britain the most family-friendly country in the world", Cameron said. "A key part of helping families and mending our broken society is making sure that business is responsible in how it markets and advertises products to children".

The proposals launched today include:

* Banning the most manipulative marketing techniques aimed at young people
* Strengthening the regulatory framework
* Giving people the power to make complaints
* Banning irresponsible companies from winning future government contracts.

Cameron emphasised that "social pressure" is the best way to combat irresponsible behaviour and encourage responsibility, saying that the Conservatives would "make it easier for parents to mobilise against campaigns and products that they think are inappropriate".

But, he added, the Government still has an important role too. "A Conservative Government would take the tough action needed to help families and build a society in which we stop treating children as adults", he said.

This is an issue that I have been concerned with for some time, particularly when you see kids in inappropriate t-shirts that they either do not or should not understand the meaning of, and the media. In a discussion about this issue with David Cameron last year, I raised the importance of responsibility of the press. It is aboslutely vital that the responsibility agenda (which I fully support) embraces all areas, and particularly the press.

It would be ideal for this to happen voluntarily through people and parent power, and through the offering of carrots but it is important that there are potential sanctions or sticks there for companies that choose not to behave responsibly.

Greg Clark MP at the Brady Centre

Last night I attended the Christian Aid and Islamic Relief event at the Brady Centre, in Whitechapel.

Greg gave a great speech about his recent trip to Bangladesh, and showed us a video of some of his findings whilst visiting the country. I was impressed to hear about the positives that he had found in Bangladesh, and in particular the impressive network of cyclone centres across the country. I have always been struck by how resourceful and resilent the people of Bangladesh are. Many other countries with similar climate problems have much to learn from them.

However, there is still much to do. Greg reaffirmed the commitment of the Conservatives to ensuring that there is aid and development in countries such as Bangladesh.

I took the opportunity to raise the issue of the Tipaimukh dam with Greg, and to highlight the importance of the issue to the people of Bangladesh. Whilst water causes a number of problems in Bangladesh, it is also a great resource. It is vital to ensure that the dam does not have any adverse knock on effects. The real worry is that the consequence is the drying up of rivers, and the knock on effect that greater scarcity of water will have. This will affect not only the local economies but also whether people can survive in those areas. It is a subject that has been raised regularly with me when I have met with British Bangladeshis, and also with the High Commissioner.

Pictures to follow.

Monday, 15 February 2010

You Decide Events

Well the second round of You Decide events are ongoing in Tower Hamlets. As with any of these things, you have to attend to have your say, and to make sure money is sensibly spent.

To register go to www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/youdecide. I'll be at the Bow (LAP5) meeting on Tuesday 2nd March, which is where I live.

Hopefully the Town Hall have learnt from the mistakes of last time that saw young people having an overwhelming say in the meeting; and also have a better system to ensure that the area eg crime / children services is selected first, and then all residents have a say as to what measure in that area the money should go to.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Register for the Open Primary - 7th March 2010

BG&B Open Primary Sunday March 7th 2010.

The meeting will take place at St Hilda’s Community Centre, Club Row, E2. and will commence at 2.30pm.

It will be open to registered voters within the constituency who are entitled to attend and vote for their choice of candidate. To do this anyone attending will have to stay for the entire meeting, which is expected to last at least 2 hours.

Telephone a special dedicated line: 07842 552 526
Or email: BGBcandidate@googlemail.com with your full name and address.

Everyone registering to attend the meeting, who is confirmed as a local voter will receive an admission letter which they should bring along to the meeting.

Registration closes at 10am on Friday 5th March.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Greg Clark MP at the Brady Centre

Dr Greg Clark MP is coming to Tower Hamlets to discuss his recent trip to Bangladesh. The event is being put on by Christian Aid and Islamic Relief and will take place at the Brady Centre, Hanbury Street on Wednesday 17th February 2010 at 6.30pm.

Greg is the Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

Friday, 5 February 2010


I have just heard this morning that I have been shortlisted for Bethnal Green and Bow selection for the Parliamentary seat. I understand that there will be six people in total on the shortlist.

I am obviously delighted. In the meantime we will be carrying on with our work across the consituency. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issues that you would like to raise.

Further details of the selection meeting to follow.

Council Questions

At the Council meeting before Christmas, I challenged the inconsistent behaviour by Tower Hamlets Council on gated developments, particularly since the council lost valuable tax payers’ money in a recent judicial review over their discriminatory policy.

It seems that the Council will let there be gates for association housing, but not for a private development. The Judicial Review overturned their initial failure to allow gates in a private development.

Contact me at claire@bethnalgreenandbowconservatives.com if you have had any problems with planning policies in relation to gated devlopments and inconsistent policies.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Police Meeting Response

I attended both Bow East and Bow West police public meetings last week. They were a great way to enable residents to find out more about the Ward Panels and also to meet their SNT team. The evenings were broken up into sections with a presentation from the Police, sessions to allow groups to informally raise issues, and then a Question and Answer session.

Residents in Bow east were understandably concerned about the recent murder in Parnell Road, and the police gave those attending reassurance that the matter was being investigated. However they were therefore unable to go into too much detail so as not to prejudice the ongoing investigation.

A lot of resident's concerns were much wider than what the Police could do. In particular, there were concerns over cleanliness of streets (dog fouling etc), facilities for young peoples, and general lack of society.

I chaired the meeting as the Bow East Ward Panel chair, and was pleased with how it went. The police seemed to feel that the meeting was worthwhile and that it was a good opportunity to help allay residents concerns and gather information.

If you have an issue to report, don't forget you can go directly to the SNT, or call Crimestoppers. Equally if it is Bow east issue, please feel free to e-mail me on claire@bethnalgreenandbowconservatives.com, and I will raise it at the next ward panel meeting.